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Sophia blows bubbles in pool


Large  |  Female

Redding, CA


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fully approved adopter picks up in Redding CA

Sophia is about 7.5 months old weigh in at about 48 pounds tallish and lightweight
most likely will weigh under 60 pounds once full grown
beautiful plush tail curls over her back has a solid tanisch stripe thoughout the length of the tail
She is crate trained and a indoor dog with outdoor play and potty
Sophia loves water and chasing around the yard, she loves to explore nature and play with other nice dogs
ready for a life filled with fun. love and adventure with her great forever family
She lived in a home with a cat so could be worked with on that if youre experienced and read up on how to intro and train a dog with cats but she does like to chase critters and little birds like any dog does

She grew up with kids for 3 months of her life that were 7 yrs, 2 years and 6 months old
without any issues
we would love her to go to a home with an older nice child over 8 years
that has learned to be kind to animals younger ok depending on the child
adult home as someone sidekick and best buddy
a active person that knows how to bond with their dog
if no other dog at home many weekly playmates as she loves to be around other dogs
Sophia is eager to please and learn so much more
very very food motivated
will sit for a cookie and lay down
Sophia went on her first river trail fun hike yesterday and enjoyed it a lot
she was very good in the car on the ride relaxed and comfy enjoying the ride and my attention
while sitting next to me
she has only gone on a few rides but you would never know
she was a tad hesitant to jump out the very first time (have a high truck) but after that she was fine getting in and out
She was great walking on the 16 foot retractible leash and a no pull harness
she never pulled at all and for a pup her age with the little leash training did super
Sophia thought everyone loves dogs and wanted to greet every person walking by
no fear of bikes, no barking or lunching at anything no aggression issue ever noticed
a human can take her food away (not that we want to do that) but had no problem
also the feet can easily be handled
Sophia has average energy higher while young pup loves to play a few hours daily
she has not learned yet to play with humans that much like fetch but will try somewhat to chase
a plush toy she would rather play with another dog but young enough to learn to also play games with a human she seems to adapt very well and fast and has a very smart brain
besides blowing bubbles in the water she loves her belly rubbed very lightly, loves being petted
has a very soft coat specially her ears and head
coat is medium length with an undercoat and very plush and healthy, shiny, black with white markings as well as some brown mixed in like the rim on her ears

Sophia met a 40 pound 6 yr old male dog at the park while walking she wanted to play had no fear nor aggression
just ready to play
On her outing we stopped and sat outside for 45 minutes and she was fine hanging out with some little minute walks in between
I say for her age she's a very well behaved pup at least she is with myself
I am a natural alpha leader so dogs respond accordingly I don't have to say much
Sophia also sits via hand signal
The only thing she could need a bit extra work jumping up when excited or at people walking by
but she's not a hard jumper but lightweight and easy
it won't take her long but days with the right teacher besides that she's like any other pup her age
but better:)

She was raised with love not traumatized
she came originally from the Fresno shelter at 2 months old adopted by rev. owner that could no longer keep her and her sister with 3 kids a full time job at a home business and a temporarily disabled hubby so we took both pups in
Sophia grew up in a country type setting and fostered in one but has no problems around cars or noises
we would love her in a quiet neighborhood and would prefer country or outskirts of town but for the right matching family not a must
Sophia never really chewed up any human things as long as she has plenty of daily exercise, love, training and a person at home with time
We are looking for someone that is home during the day that is ready for a 15 year commitment has the time and resources to care for a new furry family member

Potty trained to dog door but will need a good potty routine after a move into a new home

We are looking for dog Experienced home owners that are ready to adopt a new family member not just a dog
a matching forever family that will appreciate a dog like Sophia
Sophia is a fairly easy pup for someone that is not a first time dog owner

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home

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Redding, CA

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