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Columbia, TN


Notes from Shane's foster mom:
"Shane is doing good. He had no clue about potty training. He is a fear/excitable peeing dog. But Shane has a heart of gold and not a mean bone in his body. He is either part Chihuahua/rat terrier and possibly some heeler in him.
He is great with all people.... Doesn't know a stranger but will pee on them;). He and my Patterdale are best buds and that has helped with the potty training. So another dog would be great for him as long as they can tolerate an in your face little dog. Dog savy cats are fine. He is curious but will chase and bark if they run.
Even though I introduced him to my horses he will act like an idiot barking at them and at any inanimate object for that matter when outside:)
He is fine in the crate. Doesn't love it but will go in willing when I toss the treat in the back. The biggest issue is that he pees when you are putting on his leash which is frustrating. But on the up side he is fine on a leash.... Pulls but not too bad.
He only chews on his toys so far, no furniture or shoes. He will get on the kitchen table and dig up your freshly planted succulents and look at you like what.... They weren't for me? Puppy pads are his enemy.... Shreds them better than a paper shredder.
He can't be much over 6 months.... Has lost one tooth that I know of. He is still mouthy.... Always putting his mouth on you. Not sure if hyper is the word.... But active. This dog can jump!
So at this point I believe he needs a city home, where he has a back yard or a house that will allow him to run around like crazy to work off some steam or better yet a short legged jogger. I live on 132 acres and I believe he could get into some trouble if I let him. Doesn't bark much except at the inanimate objects and large animals. Loves the water.
As far as kids.... They need to be dog savy and tough. He is still a "puppy" so he is a mouthy, jump on you, get under your feet, scratch you kind of dog. So fragile people would not be a good fit either. Does not fetch yet but will chase a laser until he can't move. Good in a car when he realizes he is just going for a ride and gets to go back home.
Shane is loving, handsome, goofy, mouthy (constantly putting his mouth on you), full of energy and will require a patient person that is easily amused by his puppy behavior. I believe he will mature as far as his mouthiness and the peeing issue but the rest is him. We are working on all of these issues."
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