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9 years, 5 months
Medium  |  Female

Woodbury, MN



DOGS: They are ALL my friends! I like to clean my foster brother’s ears (even though my foster mom tells me not to) and give him kisses. And sometimes I try to sneak a taste of his food – he likes to share with me.
CATS: They are weird. There are two of them in my foster home that I could care less about 99.9% of the time. I feel obligated to get up and investigate when one of them runs around like a crazy girl growling at things and looking at the ceiling - I can never figure it out. One of them likes to rub her scent on me. I think it helps me with the dogs I meet – “brings all the boys to the yard”.

KIDS: I would probably do best in a home with older kids because I like to mouth like a puppy when I play. My foster mom is working on this with me. I love attention, belly rubs, and give kisses.

HOUSETRAINED: 100%! I have a bladder of steel, my friends.

OBEDIENCE TRAINING: I know all the basic commands and am very responsive.

CRATE SKILLS: I am crated when my foster mom is gone, but I can be free roam and won’t do anything but warm up the couch.

LEASH SKILLS: I pull like a sled dog, but strap on a Gentle Leader/Halti and I walk like a princess. That head collar is magic for my leash skills!

DROOL FACTOR: Oh please, I am a lady!

PERKS & QUIRKS: I love going for car rides. My foster mom says I’m a sloppy water drinker. I like to look at it like I’m giving my tootsies a shower. Hehe! I like to sleep on the couch and on the bed. My foster mom has caved on the couch, but not the bed…so I sleep next to her on the floor. I don’t really care to play with toys. I am a gold medal winner when it comes to taking treats. I have a great under-bite that highlights my pretty toofers and a tongue so long it sticks out when I sleep. I’m an excellent crab walker and a great tail chaser, though I never catch it.

HEALTH STATUS: Headed to the vet on 8.24.16 for a check-up: stay tuned for a status update.

ENERGY LEVEL: I’m a medium so far. I love to play with my human friends and will get excited if my foster brother is excited, but I don’t play with him. I would like a home that will take me for walks every day, twice would be nice! When it is time for TV, I’ll be happy to snuggle on the couch next to you!
FOSTER HOME: Shay is an INCREDIBLE girl to have in my home! We’re in an apartment – she never barks (unless it is playtime) at the neighbors or other dogs, cars out front or any noises that come along with apartment life. We take walks every day and play inside. Shay is very, very sweet, super happy and truly has a zest for life. I think she has only known love and kindness which has resulted in the best personality anyone could ask for. You will not be disappointed with her– she’s perfection. Come out to an event and meet this happy soul!

Adopt Me
Woodbury, MN

(763) 647-3037

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