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San Francisco, CA


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Sienna, spayed female, 7yr. 25lb, Basenji Mix
Sienna lost her longtime human companion, and needs to be rehomed. She has been very well cared for since early puppyhood and is fully trained and very well socialized. Sienna would be ideal for an adopter that wants a well trained, intelligent dog. She may be 7 but she outruns dogs that are much younger! She loves being active, is great off leash, and is a real people pleaser.
Description by Foster Mom:
Sienna no longer has the nervous energy she had when she first joined us and has put on a few needed pounds. She loves walking daily (Stern Grove and Fort Fun), is great off leash, and once or twice a week in the evening we take her out again because she loves to be out and about. She is a bit shy, but warmed up to us fairly quickly and now loves to be with us. She is smart and learns quickly. Even though she is seven, she is very healthy and energetic. She is a great companion and I love having her in my home office every. She responds to gentle commands and is eager to please. I know she is the perfect dog for someone.
Alpha___x___ or submissive __X_____ *Socializes well with all dogs but will find her place in the hierarchy in non-aggressive ways.
Energy level very high_____ high_ __ medium_X__ low____
Does the dog get along with other dogs at home?__yes____in a public place?_yes_____
Is the dog Skittish (afraid sudden noise and movement, will try to get out of collar when scared) __No___
Shy dog is just shy, not afraid of noise or sudden movement, will warm up faster than skittish dog__No__
Is the dog people friendly_yes__, children friendly__yes_,
Does the dog bark continuously when left along? __No____chew a lot___No___
Does the dog gets along with cats ?___Yes____
housetrained or not?__yes______outside__Ok____or pad___No___
Good walk on leash or not?__yes_____
any basic training? Sit, Lay Down, Up, Come, High-Five, working on "Heel"
Is the dog afraid of man?___No______
How is the dog with new environment? Adjusts quickly.
Does the dog have food aggression with other dogs? No,
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating? Yes, you can touch her as you want.
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? ___Never_______
Are there any red flags we should know? Should not be in household with children younger than 12, she will enforce the hierarchy by "herding" etc. Great with all outside children!
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This is a curtsey posting for HARA, please email them directly if you are interest in Sienna.

For more information, please contact

Adopt Me
San Francisco, CA

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