1 year, 1 month
Medium  |  Female

Middletown, MD


​Skye is one of those very special dogs you get and wish they hadn't gone through all that they had to. She was born in North Carolina and got a home but sadly that home didn't take care of her. She was left outside on her own and hence had the litter of pups when she herself was still a pup. She wasn't shown kindness until she left what had been her home. She has slowly come out of her shell and learned to trust people again. How sad that it took 2 weeks before she would even come to lick my hand. No dog should be put out on their own or chained and then ignored. She also had to have surgery on both her eyes as her eyelids had turned inward and was scratching her lenses. Thankfully no permanent damage was done. It was amazing to see her go outside after surgery and just stop and look around for several minutes. Her eyes had been closed shut practically so she had not been able to see clearly. It has been a joy to watch her become the sweet, loving dog she has. If you are looking for that special dog that would do anything for you check out Skye, she would love to be your partner.

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Middletown, MD

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