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Smith *California

Pit Bull Terrier

Medium  |  Male

National Listings, MO


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Location - CALIFORNA

Work hard, play hard — that’s Smith’s motto. This guy gives his all, including genuine devotion to his human. Smith’s striking physique is matched by a robust zest for life. But for all his vigor, Smith very much looks to people for guidance and approval. He’s eager to please, highly motivated, and adores earning praise and rewards. Almost hard to believe that when he first arrived as a stray, Smith could be downright timid in unfamiliar situations. For a glimpse into his outlook now, watch him tackle one of his beloved food puzzles: unbridled joy meets laser focus in the most adorably entertaining way.

Smith can come on a little strong for some pups, but he plays beautifully with dogs who can match his energy and intensity. And with his natural ability to connect, Smith’s a star pupil in BAD RAP training class, polishing his skills each week. All the learning and lessons have found a hospitable home in that giant handsome head of his.

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Adoption Fee: $125.00
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Description: ID #A037913

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National Listings, MO

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