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Domestic Short Hair

Medium  |  Male

Toronto, ON


Smokey was rescued after being found abandoned in an apartment. Despite his past trauma, he is an affectionate and loving cat, looking for his forever home!

Smokey is an incredibly playful cat. He loves toys that he can chase and pounce (like the Cat Dancer toy). He is totally not fooled by a laser pointer, and doesn’t really “get” a lot of puzzle toys, but will happily chase any bit of ribbon you dangle.

Smokey’s favourite thing by far is snuggling. While he’s not much of a lap cat and doesn’t love being picked up, don’t be surprised to find this ball of fur pressed up next to you in bed or on the couch!

While getting used to a new home, the most important this is to build trust with Smokey. Don’t be surprised if he stakes out a piece of furniture to hide under and claims it as his territory! But after a few days of play, patience and spoiling him with treats, he’ll soon feel comfortable enough to sprawl out in the middle of the floor, or on a perch where he can do some window-watching. It's also a good idea to give him space while he gets used to you, but - trust me! - soon he'll be wanting to spend time with you all day!

Smokey isn't a fan of being put in his carrier, so it's best that his forever home leaves the carrier out at all times, almost like a cat bed with a blanket inside, and try to encourage him to go in occasionally with cat nip, toys and treats. That way, when you do have to put him in the carrier for visits to the vet, it'll be easier to get him in.

When it comes to trimming his claws, his foster mom finds that the best method is to get him to lie in bed with you, and then gently trim them, one paw at a time, and let him dictate when he wants to stop..

Smokey needs a patient experienced adopter. It will take him a bit to feel comfortable in his new home. He might hide under some furniture while he gets used to a new person, and may be a bit grumpy. While Smokey is getting used to his new home, it's a good idea to wear slippers inside the home, as the heavy tread of shoes makes him nervous. Despite his dislike of change in environment, he will settle in fairly quickly. It only took him three days in his new foster home to be comfortable.

Smokey takes a daily medication to help his anxiety levels. He would do best in a home with no small children, and no other pets in the home.

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Toronto, ON

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