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5 years, 6 months
Large  |  Male

El Cajon, CA


You only have to look into Smokey's smoldering eyes to know he's a sweet soul! This 4-and-a-half-year-old 50 lb Pointer/Labrador mix is a perfect blend of his two breeds: intelligent, playful, patient and affectionate. The first things you’ll notice about Smokey are his striking topaz eyes that automatically beckon you to pet him. Then while he’s enjoying a good petting from you, you’ll also notice everything from his athletic build and beautiful liver-speckled coat, to those adorably cute freckles by his nose. Smokey spends most of his time at The Barking Lot with his best friend Bandit (get it? Smokey and the Bandit!), a 5 lb Chihuahua. The fact that he gets along so well with someone ten times smaller than him tells us that he’s a big softie with a kind-hearted disposition. Smokey is the perfect balance between playfulness and gentleness, making him an ideal companion for almost any home and any family type!
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El Cajon, CA

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