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5 years, 2 months
Large  |  Female

Manassas, VA



Bred by Nathan Fenby of New Oxford, Pa.
Snow Bell - 3-4 y.o., white Import female. Snow Bell (fka Snow Ball) is a petite pixie'ish female, that epitomizes Japanese femininity. She is playful and flirty, friendly and curious about all going on around her. She initially pulled like a steam engine when I was handed the lead and was to entertain her for around 30 minutes. We then practiced sitting (which she did very well), but would need some practice on staying 'put'. She also was prone to 'fish flopping' at the end of the lead, as if by throwing herself on the ground in a modified tantrum, might win her freedom - she stopped when she realized it wasn't working. Oh well, a girl has to try sometimes.

When she settled down, she was very kissy and quite the cuddler. She leaned into me and loved to have her chest scratched and tummy rubbed. Her tail reminded me of a huge Spider Chrysanthemum corsage attached to her hip, combined with the pink lead, all she needed was a parasol to be Tokyo's best girl.

I believe this girl has been in several homes and it is apparent that she has learned to be skillful in her efforts to pick and choose what she wishes to do. I think she will do fine in an Akita savvy home, with stability and boundaries, who won't fall victim to her charming efforts to have things her way. Snowbelle would be best as an only dog in a home with no small children. She has had some issues with anxiety while being crated and left alone. Her ideal home would have someone home most of the day.

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Manassas, VA

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