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Sonny and Cher

American Shorthair

6 months

Lyons, IL


Sonny is a wonderful young man, an orange tabby. He is snuggly, rambunctious and silly. He loves to purr and is always happy when it’s time for food! He will be a great addition to any home – boundless energy, but he does love to curl up in your arms and stare lovingly at you. Just a great all around kitty. The best thing about him is how much he cares for his sister – so please, read on about Cher.
Cher is Sonny’s sister, a beautiful dark brown with hints of orange throughout her fur. She and Sonny had a very traumatic start, in loud, scary places and Cher carries that with her. She does bolt when you get up, but when you talk to her quietly and lovingly she comes out and will lie on the floor and slowly lift her tail up and down. And when you pick her up, she will sit in your arms and purr. She needs extra love but will be a sweet little girl to add to your life. The absolute best-case scenario would be if you could find it in your heart to take Sonny and Cher together. Sonny will come up when you’re holding Cher and lay next to her purring, letting her know not to be afraid. Please let these two siblings who have been through so much have a nice, loving, safe home to come into being the cats that they have inside of them. Thanks for looking at my foster babies – I know I’m biased, but they are beautiful loving kittens who could add so much to your life!

were Hikery and Dikery at CACC
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Lyons, IL

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