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Sophie #9 in TN


Small  |  Female

Lewisburg, TN


When you adopt one you save 2 the one your adopted and the one you made room for!

CITY, STATE: Lewisburg, TN
NAME: Sophie #9
AGE: 11 yrs.
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: Was 20 lbs., now down to under 17 lbs.
COLOR: Black and Tan
COAT: Long hair
ADOPTION FEE: Just a donation from the heart
HOUSETRAINED: Yes, if on a schedule and if you take her out
CRATE TRAINED: Yes, but not for long periods of time
SPECIAL NEEDS: Yes, Cushing’s Disease and dry eyes
HOME W/ SMALL CHILDREN: Over 12 years of age
HOME W/ CATS: I don’t think so
MICROCHIP #: HomeAgain 462A463C3F
MONTHLY HEARTWORM DATE: 1st of each month
RESCUE #: 2016-06-25-01
Sophie came from a shelter in NC where she was dumped twice, once by her family and then again by someone who adopted her and brought her back. See, it wasn’t her fault... she has Cushing’s Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) and that means without medication to control it, she drinks and potties a lot. That and chronic dry eye are Sophie’s two health issues.
So when Sophie had no hope of getting out of the shelter alive, the shelter contacted us to take her. We said we would. However, we were not told about the Cushing’s or the dry eye but we didn’t give up Sophie. We have taken her to the vet and had her medications monitored. She is now stable on 20 milligrams of Vetoryl daily and doing very well.
She is also on eye drops twice a day for her dry eye syndrome and her eyes look clear as a bell.
While Sophie has these medical problems, don’t think she’s a rocking chair oldie. NO SIR. This little senior can get up and go and play with the younger crowd. One thing she loves more than anything is to get in your lap for belly rubs and scratches. She will actually tell you with a grunt or noise that you aren’t doing it well enough.
This little lady is funny and has a personality that can’t be beat. If you are looking for a senior that isn’t ready for the rocking chair, this little girl is waiting for you.
Serious inquires only, her meds will cost about a $100 - $125 per month to keep her healthy. Trust me, she is worth every penny!!
If you have questions or need more info, please contact Sophie’s foster mom at

=============== Information for all dogs/adopters ==============
If you have questions about this dog please feel free to contact the foster home at the email address listed above. They have the most up-to-date information concerning the dog and would be happy to answer any questions about the animal.
We welcome out of state and Canadian adoptions, but we will not ship any dog via cargo. You will have to make arrangements to pick up the dog or for them to go by ground transport. If you choose transporting by either volunteers through our organization or by paid transporter, there will be an additional $45 Fee added for the required Health Certificate.
We will not adopt into the state of CT, RI or MA due to strict laws regarding importation of dogs into those states. If you have an issue with this, you need to take this up with your legislatures.
We are now approved to adopt/foster in the state of NH but adopters will have to pay health certificate fee of $45.00 once to get the dog to our quarantine facility and another $50.00 fee to get the dog out of quarantine after two days.
To understand the adoption process through AADR, please visit the Adoption Information. Transportation options are outlined on that page in Step 3.
If you are interested in adopting this Dachshund please Read Before You Adopt and then you can complete an Application.
Please don't let the distance stand in your way of finding your newest best friend. We have volunteers that will help your "new friend" get up and down the East Coast or up and down the West Coast. We just can't get them from one Coast to the other but some day we hope to have enough volunteers to do that as well. For now, please look for dogs on your coast.

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Lewisburg, TN

Top Reviews

1 year ago

You are trying to help so many to find a good home. I will even try to tell people about you if they are looking for any type of dog or cat just to help you and them find a new home with new mom and dad god. Hope you have a grateful day and God Bless!

Lori Townsend

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