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Sophie Anne

Rat Terrier

3 years, 2 months
Small  |  Female

Melbourne, FL



Sophie Anne hasn't had the best of starts to her life but that doesn't hold her back! Our little girl and two other adult dogs were found in Titusville, tied to a tree in a park and abandoned. They were all emaciated and covered in ant/bug bites. All of them had pressure sores on their bodies from the lack of fat and muscle to cushion their bones as they laid on a hard surface for extended periods of time. We believe that all three of them were kept in crates for days on end, forced to live in their own urine and feces. Sophie does not like to crated, we believe that is largely due to her previous life. But she is none destructive and does well without a crate.

Sophie Anne has been in two wonderful foster homes and has been exposed to dogs and children. She hasn't been around cats but Sophie is incredibly animal friendly, we don't see her having any issues with cats or other critters. Matter of fact, we would LOVE for Sophie to go into a home with a confident dog because she is deaf. She was in a foster home with a Doberman that she used as her guide dog. She used his body cues to know what was going on around her. She is currently in a foster home with a small dog is doing wonderfully. Sophie absolutely does not let being deaf hold her back in life. She is very much a young, vibrant and confident dog.

She is learning hand signals pretty quickly and is very smart. Sophie Anne is a small terrier mix (We believe a Jack Russell mix but is completely white because she's deaf) who is about 30 pounds and won't get any larger. She is about a year old, up to date on all her vaccinations and scheduled to be spayed very soon. Due to the condition that the dogs were in when they were found, we had to wait on spaying her until she was healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

If you have room in your heart and your home for Sophie, I know she would appreciate it and would consider herself one lucky dog. Sophie's adoption fee is $80.

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Melbourne, FL

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