American Staffordshire Terrier

6 years, 6 months
Large  |  Male

Brooklyn, NY


The foster writes: In many ways Spain is like a giant puppy! He absolutely loves toys (in a serial killer kind of way -- most don''t stand a chance!) and belly rubs. He enjoys lounging and taking walks with the lady dogs he''s been living with, but isn''t especially playful with them (unless a toy is involved). He has also been very friendly and tolerant with my cats -- he is their favorite pillow! He is incredibly affectionate but when he gets too excited he is quick to use his mouth. While he is easily redirected to a toy or de-escalated by ignoring him, he may be too rough for small children. He sometimes needs to be reminded at the beginning of walks that his leash isn''t a toy, but otherwise walks nicely. He is housebroken and GREAT about going in his crate if needed. He isn''t especially barky, but will let you know if he needs to go out or if someone is knocking on the door. When Spain was at ACC we suspected he had stepped in something corrosive, causing injuries to his paw pads, but it turns out he has an autoimmune disorder called pemphigus foliaceus that causes his immune system to essentially attack the bridges that hold some of his skin cells together. There is no cure, but his case has been very responsive to steroid therapy. It is really amazing to watch him run and wonder if he ever got to do so pain-free before -- he has the BEST smile. So while he does have some special needs, he is also just plain special and I know he will bring the right person so much happiness!

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Brooklyn, NY

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