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Medium  |  Female

Denton, TX


Sprite was found in April 2014 at a middle school bus stop just as the kids were leaving. She was all by herself so her foster scooped her up in hopes of finding her home. When she was taken to the vet (where she was brought up to date on all vaccinations, placed on HW preventative, and spayed). She was estimated at about 4-5 years old, and showed signs of delivering multiple litters. But has teeth are as white as a pup!
Sprite had a very scary spay experience - her uterus was worn and overbred , which cause bleeding that was difficult to control. But she fully recovered and has thrived in a home with routine and structure.
Sprite has learned her foster’s routine so well, she practically knows what’s coming next before it’s done! She’s very energetic, but also a very focused dog. She is always on a mission but will stop in her tracks to please her people. She is both strong and loyal.
This girl is amazing in the crate, and basically crates herself when it's time for her foster to leave or time to eat. Sprite now lives with 3 boxers in her foster home, but she definitely wants to be the top dog in the household, so would likely be best as an only dog or with a passive or submissive male. Sprite’s ideal family would be a loyal and loving home that will promise to be her family till her end. A strong energetic family that has large dog experience and is ready to show Sprite that it's ok not to be the one in charge all the time!.

Sprite is a biggest lover, and will bloom in a home where she will be able to both give and receive a family’s love. She loves to play outside and is entertained with someone throwing up a weed and having her catch it. She loves to have a job or a task. She truly is a sight to see!
If you feel your home might be the right place for this wonderful dog, the place to start is with the adoption application found at Once submitted, the foster will contact you to tell you more, and to arrange a meeting! The adoption fee for all of our dogs is $225.00, which includes their vaccinations and spay/neuter.
"Sprite is a participant in the DFW Rescue Me Guest Dog Program, so custody and ongoing care are provided by the foster, not by DFWRM."

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Denton, TX

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