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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Male

Sylmar, Ca


This is Spud, a 1.5 y/o English bulldog/staffy mix. Weighing in at only 50lbs this little-baked potato will steal your heart! Spud would love a family who is active! He wants to go for long walks, meet new dogs and of course get fed lots of treats! Help spud find his forever family! He will need a lot of exercise as he is high energy. If he has another dog to play with, he will need less exercise, but will still need daily walks.
He is very good with other dogs and very sweet with people.
But there are a couple if things he needs to work on. He needs more work with house training. He is crate trained and does not potty excessive in the house, but he does have accidents. He does not lift his leg, so he is not marking in the house which is good. He is very food motivated, so training can be easy. But he is also stubborn like a typical bulldog.
He walks well on leash when using the right collar. When using a prong collar, he listens really well.If he is bored, he will sometimes tug on the leash wanting to play, but we have been working on that and he does not do it as much. He does bark when you first leave (for like 5 mins or less) but not excessively throughout the day.
He has been fantastic with every dog he’s has met. And is just the sweetest. He leans up against people when they want to pet him and does great in a crazy environment with lots of people. People usually stop and stare at him because of his giant head ! He does jump, so I would suggest a home without small children.

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Sylmar, Ca

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