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Medium  |  Female

Alpharetta, GA


Squeaky is one of the five Griffin Mud Dogs rescued by Furkids. Living in severely overcrowded pens filled with mud, trash and feces, these dogs lived with very minimal human contact. Every day was a struggle to survive. Many had physical scars from the bloody battles fought there. Squeaky came to us with deeper psychological scars. The fear that Squeaky still carries is heart wrenching. She is still very fearful of humans and not surprisingly, Squeaky has her quirks. She hoards and she doesn’t just hoard toys or bones. Squeaky will drag any object into her kennel…leashes, buckets, towels, anything within reach is squirreled away… just in case. She climbs or more accurately scales her kennel door, furniture, and walls. In the horrific overcrowded mud pen, resourceful Squeaky learned to move up to find space. Squeaky is a brave soul. She has been through hell courtesy of her previous humans and still she wants desperately to trust and to love. She needs an atmosphere of absolute acceptance and trust. Trust Squeaky and eventually she will trust you back. After 11 months of living in our shelter, Squeaky is finally in the home of one of our wonderful foster volunteers. To encourage Squeaky’s adopter to step forward, Furkids has lowered her adoption fee to just $100. Our only wish is to see Squeaky living in peace.
Squeaky’s estimated birthdate is 7/4/2013. If you want to know more about Squeaky and to speak to an Adoption Counselor, please complete an application at Must be at least 21 years of age to apply.
To learn more about the Griffin Mud Dogs and their rescue, please view Brittany Kish’s “Mud Dogs” documentary at
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Alpharetta, GA

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