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American Staffordshire Terrier

1 year, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Whitestone, NY



Our Little Squirt has some big accomplishments to be proud of. We made the decision to send Squirt to Dynamic K9 to be professionally trained. Squirt had some challenges that needed to be addressed. Squirt was bitten by her mom because she got to close to a newly born litter. Although Squirts mom was only protecting her babies she left a pretty bad bite on Squirt, a memory that made Squirt untrusting. Along with some trust issue's she needed some confiden ... ce building reassurance. Wanting to give her the best possible opportunity professional training was a good decision. Squirt has come so far in just a few weeks, she is an A student . She has worked hard on her training and has been very successful. Squirt is ready to find her perfect fit. Squirt will need a committed person who understands that it is more then just taking Squirt home. Continued structure on what she has been taught will be the key to success for Squirt. A committed person willing to Meet with her and her trainer will be a requirement. Her trainer wants to make sure that the fit is a good one. There will also be a private training session at Squirts new home so everyone is on the same page on what will keep Squirt that A student. Squirt is a year old. She is adorable and will be a wonderful family addition. Although Squirt has been introduced at training to other dogs she will need to be an only dog at home. Children who are older and mindful will be her best fit. If you think you are the right fit for Squirt please fill out an application for her!
(see link of Squirt in training :)

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Whitestone, NY

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1 year ago

Am very interested in the dog ,can you please text me (516) 362-0473 and also email me for more info

mike moore

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