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American Staffordshire Terrier

4 years, 4 months
Large  |  Male

Fargo, ND



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Name: Squirtle
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Age: 4 Years
Size: Large 67 lbs.
Adoption Donation: $75 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other: Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Squirtle is a very friendly dog; he just wants to be your buddy!

*Squirtle has been diagnosed with kidney disease. Unfortunately, this means he has some special needs and will have a shortened lifespan. He may have months, or it could be 2-3 years. He needs special food and oral meds. He also needs frequent potty breaks or dog door access to a secure, fenced yard. He is an awesome dog, and the rescue would love for him to have a home of his own. Because of his medical challenges, the rescue can discuss providing continued assistance for medical care.*

Foster Home Feedback
10/2/16 Volunteer Feedback: Squirtle came for the weekend to get a break from the shelter. He was immediately friendly with my dog, cat and all the humans (big and little). Squirtle got busy with the toy bin right away and found some balls to play with and that kept him entertained for a few hours. He was very self entertaining and demanded no attention. Squirtle did great with the kids, however, when he lost his ball he would chase it and was kind of a bulldozer, so he would probably knock over little ones if they weren't stable on their feet.

I left Squirtle in a wire kennel when I left for a few hours and he did just fine in there. The dog bed was in place and it did not appear he was anxious at all nor did he have any accidents in his kennel. I monitored how much he drank so I could let him out more frequently to potty if he had drank a lot and he did not have any accidents in the house. If he had drank a lot I let him out every hour.

Squirtle was also content to lay out in the yard and chew on a ball by himself as well. He did not bark and cause any trouble even with people coming and going through the gate, so he's not much of a barker at all. Squirtle slept quietly all night long and even got to hop in bed the second night, he's a champion at cuddling. I just made sure to let him out right before bed and early in the morning. I also pulled the water bowl a couple hours before bed and only gave him a smaller portion of water before bed and it did it seem to bother him.

Squirtle and my dog got along great, he even shared toys and bones without an issue, although I did monitor just in case. Squirtle is very vocal when he plays as is my dog but when they got to wound up he was easily re- directed. As for the cat, Squirtle smelled her once otherwise didn't pay any attention.

Squirtle even got to attend a 5K event with us and showed his friendly temperament in that environment as well. He's not much of a runner though, he wanted to lay down in the shade after about a mile, so he's more of a leisurely stroll kind of guy.

Squirtle may have some special needs, however, he could fit into almost any household that is willing to work with his need for more frequent potty breaks and be understanding he may have accidents at times. Squirtle would be forever grateful to find a permanent foster or adoptive home.

9/14/16 Volunteer Feedback: Squirtle has the softest fur that feels like velvet when you touch him. He is sooo sweet and well mannered in the home. He loves people and likes being near you at all times. This makes him an excellent snuggle buddy! We would suggest that he go to a home with older kids as he sometimes doesn’t realize his own size and strength.
Squirtle like dogs of all sizes. When he plays he can be vocal and this sometimes sends the wrong message to some dogs, so he needs supervision and reminders on how to play appropriately. He walks well with an Easy Walk harness once he gets going. He loves, loves, loves stuffed animals. He is quite in a kennel, but it’s not his favorite place to be. He will need a large, plastic kennel as he can Houdini himself out of a wire crate.
He is a very sweet dog and has become a volunteer favorite.

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