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Lying on the floor in the county shelter, Stanley finally found a comfortable position where his cough would subside. He overheard two county animal care officers talking about how the county vet wanted to euthanize him. Stanley was old and had a bad cough which the vet suspected was the result of heartworms. “Maybe I should die,” thought Stanley. “My teeth are bad and hurt, I can’t quit coughing, and I feel miserable.” He began giving up on life, but one of the animal care officers was committed to finding him rescue. The next day Stanley was drifting in and out of sleep when he felt a hand lightly stroking his head. An intake team member from Our Pal’s Place was knelt beside him trying to get him to respond. A short time later, he felt a slip lead being gently placed around his neck and heard the words, “Do you want to go outside?” Stanley pondered the thought of getting up and eventually decided it was worth the effort to get some fresh air. Once outside, Stanley stretched, felt the warm sun on his face and began following a scent across the grass. “Wow, I’m feeling better”, he thought. And that is what the intake team member was watching for at the advice of Our Pal’s Place veterinarian: Was Stanley able to get up and walk around? If he was, then there was a chance of saving his life. Stanley was led to the O.P.P. mini-van where he was lifted up and buckled into the front seat. “Wonder where I’m going,” Stanley questioned. He wasn’t fearful or nervous. Stanley had endured a lot in his life and was ready for whatever he faced next. He was not expecting, however, what was about to happen … the start of a good life. Stanley found himself in a foster home where he had the freedom to go outside/inside as he pleased, a fluffy bed to sleep on and the love and compassion of people who wanted the best for him. This group of people donated money to provide him immediate dental surgery to remove his decayed teeth and the bacteria from his mouth which had spread throughout his body making him feel miserable. Once his mouth healed, Stanley bounced around as a young pup, feeling better and eating without pain. Stanley enjoys being outside, taking short walks, going for car rides, hanging with people and, most of all, treasuring life. He dreams of a home with a mature human companion who shares a zest for life and cherishing every moment of it.

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