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9 years, 7 months
Small  |  Female

Campbell, CA


Every girl deserves a chance to shine!

Star is a DIVA extraordinaire! This girl knows she's the and wants to make sure her forever family feels the same way. In other words, she'd prefer not to share her people, but instead to have the run of the house and all the laps to herself. Is that really too much to ask? Having said that, Star is currently in a foster home with several other resident dogs and she does quite well with them. She's still dreaming of a front door with her name in gold glittery letters on it, a single paw print stocking over the holidays, a gilded food bowl and a canopied princess bed monogrammed with her initials. Star has undergone quite the extreme makeover...she was super obese at 11.5 pounds when she came into rescue. Her dedicated foster mom has helped her all the way down to a healthy 7.5 pounds! Talk about a transformation; Star has a waist and can strut her stuff happily around the backyard without discomfort now. She will need an adopter who is committed to keeping her at this healthy weight longterm. Star loves watermelon, which happens to be a very low calorie snack for her and a great way to cool off in the summer. She'll come running inside when she hears a fresh melon being split in the kitchen. Star is a snuggle bug, but she bonds very tightly with one human and would most prefer a single human household. She would really enjoy riding around town in a doggy papoose close to your chest so she can explore but still feel safe close to you. If you can accommodate this diva, please let us know. Star has her agent on speed dial and is ready for your call!

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