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American Shorthair

5 months
Medium  |  Female

Lyons, IL


~~This little one lives up to her name – she is just that, a star. She must have been the inspiration for those paintings of kittens with expressive eyes – look for more than a second and you will fall in love. This little mite is so spunky! Fearless, funny and precocious. She’ll fight to stay awake because she doesn’t want to miss a thing, but then she’ll stand up in your arms, circle, plunk and go sound asleep. She is smart too – loves to go Halloween-kitty-curved- back at her reflection in the mirror. She is a real gem, honestly. And don’t tell her that she doesn’t have a tail – doesn’t bother her a bit. She was scared for the first day, but with everything she’s been through, who wouldn’t be? Pick her up, give her mucho smooches so she knows she’s ok, quiet talking to if need be and vroom – kitten confidence! Please give her a loving home as she is beyond deserving. As my very first foster, my heart will break handing her over, but knowing you can give her the best forever home will ease that transition. TEAM STARLA!!!!!!

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Lyons, IL

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