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6 years
Medium  |  Male

Nashville, TN



Meet Stevie!!

Stevie is the perfect dog for your active home and family! Rescued from an area shelter on his last day there, this former stray is a 35-lb. beagle retriever mix who's very gentle and affectionate. You can jog and run with him, and he loves playing in the yard with the kids. But, when it's time to settle down at night, he'll curl up in his dog bed or on the couch with you! His favorite activity is belly rubs (he'll bat you playfully with a paw if you stop petting him too soon).

Stevie will thrive with a single owner or couple who can be active with him or with a family with kids who can play with him in a securely fenced yard. Just look at this smile - he's ready for his forever home!

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Nashville, TN

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1 year ago

Even tho I would like to ve to resue them all I can't but love how they r being taken care , I haven seen one I want but still going to keep looking , thanks for this opportunity.

Teresa hooten

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