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Medium  |  Male

Austin, TX


Have you met the incredible melting dog?! He leans against your legs, then he's sliding down to your feet, until he's suddenly upside down, feet in the air begging for belly rubs. Or maybe he's crawled into your lap with head draped over your arm and tail quietly swinging against your leg. He's never more relaxed than with his human nearby. Stevie didn't appear to have had much practice on a leash before he came to our shelter. But he is learning quickly and is fairly easy to walk. He's also learning to sit, stay and down on command. He's a people-pleaser and anxious to learn his manners so he can fit in well at your home. He is medium energy and really enjoys walks on the trail-paying other dogs absolutely no mind and happy to soak in the shallow water to cool off. In the kennel, he looks like a bundle of energy, but please don't judge him by his kennel behavior-he's just stressed out and wants you pay attention to him. As soon as a human enters his kennel, he's all about the sits and nice behavior and he trots easily to a yard. He definitely prefers human companionship to canine and would do best with teenagers or an adult-only home.

Don't forget that APA's behavioral team will be available to help with Stevie's transition into home. And once he has found his new family, we can help the next dog who is waiting to join us here at APA.

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Austin, TX

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