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Jack Russell Terrier

Small  |  Male

Columbia, TN


Health & Personal info
10 years old, birthday 12/21/2003
Weight: 26 pounds
Excellent health
Mild tartar on teeth
All vaccinations up to date as of June 2013
He has a fatty tumor behind right front leg, that's been checked by our vet and is OK.
Has a patch on his left muzzle where he has lost all his hair
Full of energy

Social Info
Loves life
Loves to play with anyone or any animal
Lives for fun
Sweet. Not a mean bone in his body (we've never heard him growl.)
A cuddler

Ideal family placement
Someone who is home regularly (Stitch is very pack oriented and prefers to be with people and other animals)
Electric fence or fenced in back yard best. If he's off lead and catches a scent, he won't come back until he's done sniffing.
Knows word "potty" and will potty on command but new owner must be proactive in letting Stitch out to pee because if indoors, he does not let you know he needs to go out.

Adopt Me
Columbia, TN

(931) 000-0000

Top Reviews

1 year ago

I am interested in lizzy/MS. Would like to meet her. We have a little girl 12 years old whom misses her little dog whom passed. My e-mail is or call 615/893/5308 cell 615/498 /6645 I look forward to hearing from you. Lynda Mead


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