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Stuart McBones



Cherry Hill, NJ


Stuart McBones was adopted about 2 years ago and this stunning boy was relinquished due to a change in living situation. Here is his foster update 10/11/2016:
Stuart McBones is a St. Patrick’s Day boy, born March 17, 2012! Before Stuart was relinquished, we babysat him for a week, so we knew him. And knowing what a sweet boy he is, it is our pleasure to foster him now. Stuart is a big, mushy boy, and oh-so-handsome. He endears himself to everyone who meets him. We took him to an event attended by a few thousand people (a charity walk)––Stuart was quite the “ambassadog,” welcoming kids and adults to pet him and pose for photos with him. We were quite proud of him. Here’s what you need to know about Stuart:
While at work, we’ve checked on him on our dog cam … he is usually sleeping and has been caught “roaching” (sleeping on his back, all 4 feet in the air). He is quite at home and trusting of his surroundings. He enjoys our fenced in yard very much; ideally, the home that adopts him would also include a fenced yard. Stuart enjoys company and is a “follower.” While he does demonstrate confidence, he looks to the other dogs for guidance and to spend time with.That said, we recommend that he be adopted in a home with another dog or dogs, greyhound or non-greyhound. In his former home, Stuart was a true couch potato, as in, he was allowed on the couch. Since this has been part of his lifestyle, we allow him on the two couches designated for our dogs. Adjusted quickly to our busy home and tight schedules. Eats well. Sleeps all night on a dog bed in our bedroom. Gets along with our two greyhounds and a foster greyhound. Our hounds are both males; one is a suave and sophisticated older gentleman. The other is an 8-year-old goof ball. Our other foster is a happy-go-lucky girl. Does well with our dog-friendly children, ages 11 and 15. We have three very active cats; Stuart is not phased by their antics and ignores them. He walks perfectly up and down stairs and on our wood, tile, and laminate flooring. Walks nicely on a leash. Has shown no food or space aggression; has not “counter surfed” (has not tried to steal from the counter). Rides well in the car. We absolutely adore Stuart. He is one of those big, cuddly boys that enjoys being with people. If he could have his way, he’d be a lap dog, but, alas, he is too big for our laps. He is a happy boy and loves to play. He also loves to snooze most of the day, as is greyhound tradition. The home that adopts Stuart will be adding a loving spirit who will serve as a warm and loyal friend who will dedicate the rest of his days to you.

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Stuart McBones is a gorgeous boy who is a friendly, calm, easy going guy. He's affectionate and a bit of a cuddlier. He walks nicely on leash. This 2 year old boy is cat workable in that he could be directed away from the cat with correction and direction.

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