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5 years, 11 months
Medium  |  Female

Dumont, NJ


Suki is very loving, affectionate, and even involved with the other 2 Boxers and the people in my home, meaning that she relates to all of us. She has adapted very quickly and well to being here and she is calm and relaxed here yet with a positive playful energy; she plays a great deal with both dogs and humans holding her own with the dogs, demands her fair share of attention if I don't get to her soon enough, greets us enthusiastically when we come in, jumps on the bed and couches (my dogs don't even go on the couches) at will, begs for food, runs outside with the others and stays out even if I call her in if she is having a good time (she generally does come when called inside but she loves exploring the backyard), and she gets along with both dogs together and one on one.

She wags her tail a great deal, all you have to do is talk to her and it goes, and if you pet or scratch her the tail is a blur of motion. She even wags it when she goes into her crate and is well crate trained comfortably and quietly spending the night in her crate.

She tolerated having her nails trimmed and is OK with my cleaning her eyes with the tear stain remover, which is improving her look.

I do some obedience training with all 3 of them everyday and while Suki still doesn't know sit, stay or down she likes participating in these sessions and is secure with or without them when I miss a day. Other than some missing commands, she is very well behaved, is totally house trained, has not been destructive, understands "no" and "off," and does not counter surf.

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Dumont, NJ

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