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Jacksonville, FL


*Special Needs*
Meet Sunny - Sunny is approx 9 months old and is FULL of life and puppy love.
Sunny is what is called a Double Dapple and he is both Blind & Deaf which does present its own unique challenges for training, although he is learning.
"Our perception of what a blind and deaf dog might experience may lead us to put limits on what they can and will accomplish. If we think they will just sit there, how much of a chance will we give them to do otherwise? Don't let your perception of another create limits in your thinking - or in their potential." (credit to white dog blog)
Sunny is not only cute and handsome he is just a joy to be around. How he goes through life each day could be a lesson to all humans and his future family will need to understand that he is not like other dogs - but that does not make him Dis-Abled...
With Sunny - patience is a must. Because seeing and hearing can not be part of his training process, his future family will need invest in their training time with Sunny - but the reward will be great. He is a very smart dog!
Sunny is not fond of the crate although at times will wonder in and lay down in the bed, he is learning to trust the crate as a safe place but when he is first crated or confined will bark for a few minutes before settling down. (He prefers to be a free roaming dog)
Sunny does walk well on a leash and will go outside to do his business when taken often, however if not on a schedule he will go in the house, remember he is still a young pup in training.
If you are interested in him please complete an adoption application via our website and someone will be in touch with you. Before you apply we encourage all interested persons to read further information about Double Dapples who are also blind and deaf here:

Please scroll to bottom of page for additional info about me and my email contact.
If you know that I am your forever dog please fill out an online application at and put my name on it.
If you can not adopt me but would like to help DARE pay for my care while I am in their care please send check or money order made payable to DARE to:
4495-304 Roosevelt Blvd.
PMB 179
Jacksonville, FL 32210
You can also contact us at

Even if you do not see a dog that matches what you're looking for, you may fill out a no obligation application and we will work to find a match for you. We receive dogs into foster care almost daily, so it is impossible to have every available or soon-to-be-available dog on the website.

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