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Susie - SENIOR

Rat Terrier

8 years, 7 months
Small  |  Female

Tomball, TX


Susie was thrown from the window of a moving car in the Kingwood area. When she was rescued from the middle of the busy street, she was found with a long shoestring tied very tightly around her neck. Susie tested positive for heartworms but since then has successfully completed treatment. She has also had a mammary gland tumor removed, as well as a tumor on her shoulder.
With a gentle hand and lots of love from her foster mom, little Susie has learned to trust humans again. She is now a happy go lucky little girl, who loves to go for walks and get belly rubs. :))
Estimated birthdate: May 2008. Approximate weight: 15 lbs.
If you would like to meet Susie, please call or text Stephanie at 281-622-6549.

Adopt Me
Tomball, TX

(281) 622-6549

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