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Suzanna Aster *LOCAL*


9 months
Large  |  Female

Wakefield, RI



Age: 8 Months (as of 9/22/2016)
Weight: 40 lbs (as of 9/22/2016)
Location: CT
This dog has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped.
Let the cuddles begin! This sweet girl is Suzanna, or Suzie as her foster mom likes to call her. Suzie is sweet and gentle, and good with other dogs, older children (young exuberant kids might be too much for her), and cats. Suzie is great in the car, likes to play, chew on her toys and swim, and she would really love a kiddie pool to splash around in this summer. Suzanna would do best with a fenced-in yard, as such would be a great way for her to get the needed exercise and play that will keep her a healthy and happy dog and she is still learning to be comfortable on a leash. Suzie has typical puppy energy, she isn't super playful but as not mellow - she is right in between. Suzanna is house trained and crate trained. She is currently working on leash training and doing well.

Suzie has been in foster care for several months and has shown to need a lot of time to trust new people and new situations. She has not shown any aggression, but she is unsure of new people and situations, and will avoid such if possible, or alert bark. Suzie has made a lot of progress in her foster home with her uncertainty of new people, and is a complete snuggle-bug with her foster mom. She has warmed up to the older children in the household, as well as her foster dad. She is still a bit skittish of new house guests, and doesn't initiate contact. She will however check things out if her foster siblings are getting petted and will stay to be petted as long as they are being petted, too. Suzie takes a lot of confidence from the other dogs in the household, and for this reason, we recommend she go to a home that has a well-balanced canine there who can be her guide, companion and support, who will create opportunities for human interaction with her.

We strongly encourage basic obedience training for all our puppies, as it not only helps your puppy blossom into a well balanced canine citizen with good manners, but it also helps to form a lasting bond between the puppy and the humans in the family. This is true for Suzie - the more time and energy you invest in her, the more likely you will have a great family companion who is welcome at family gatherings and in public for many years to come. Suzie needs a kind and patient family, but also one that is committed to exposing her slowly to new things to help build her confidence at a pace that is comfortable for her. Her adopters should plan to keep her world very small for at least the first few months after adoption, exposing her to new situations in very small doses and always with lots of positive rewards.
If Suzie sounds like the girl you've been waiting for, please fill out an application. You're going to love her!
Suzie's History: Suzie is one of four sisters from the Aster litter. These girls were born around January 24th of 2016 and look to be Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mixes. They were around 5 weeks old when someone left them in a field and a shelter volunteer rescued them.
Adoption Fee: $470
To apply for this dog, fill out an adoption application on our website:
**Additional info you should know - For most of our dogs, we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each of our dogs as an individual and do our best to describe and place them based on personality not breed label. Some dogs may not yet be in New England, nor ready for immediate adoption. There may be additional vetting, quarantine, waiting periods and/or fees depending upon your state of residence. If you have questions or concerns on any of this, you can discuss this with your Adoption Counselor.

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Wakefield, RI

(401) 206-0727

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