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1 year, 4 months

Maple Grove, MN


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Meet Sweetart!
This girl is an absolute love! Sweetart is very much a people person. She loves meeting new people including children and has no problems going right up to introduce herself. Sweetart does have a habit of jumping up trying to try and get your attention so we are working on staying "down". Sweetart is energetic, playful and still in the puppy phase. She will need chew toys, basic training and patience. Closeness is definitely important to her and she needs someone that does not mind allowing her into their bed so she can cuddle up next to them during the night. Once she is in bed she stays there all night and sleeps very well.
Sweetart barks at my one older cat occasionally. Our cat is used to dogs so when he doesn't respond Sweetart loses interest. As far as other dogs, she was a little hesitant at first but after a brief introduction period of a few days she has now warmed up to my other dogs and become quite playful with my other lab mix foster dog. Sweetart tends to play too rough with smaller dogs (she is approximately 30-35 pounds). I would not recommend adding her to a household that has dogs smaller than she. Some bigger dogs she also gets aggressive around, it just seems to depend on the dog. Any introductions to new dogs should be done slowly to see how she reacts. .
Sweetart is kennel trained and has been staying in her kennel while I am gone at work during the day without any problems. Sweetart is potty trained but she does not give me a definite signal that she wants to go out. I just let her out every few hours when I am home and she goes outside. She has done well on our car rides.
Sweetart came to us from an overpopulated shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 16, 2016. She stayed her first few weeks here in Minnesota at a boarding facility and won the hearts of the staff there. Our family began fostering her on July 29th.
She hopes to meet you soon!
Prior to adoption Sweatart will be spayed, vaccinated, health checked, heatworm/lymes tested and microchipped
Adoption Fee $350
If you would like to meet me please fill out a pre-adoption application at
Happy Tails Adoption Center is open on Sundays from 12-5. We are located at 7940 University Ave NE, Fridley

Home visits are required for all dog adoptions.

If you are outside of the Twin Cities area,we will contact rescue volunteers in your area to conduct a home visit. We do not transport adoption animals out of state.

All of our cats and dogs are INDOOR pets and are NOT to be left outside unattended (even in a fenced yard), or running loose!

Adopt Me
Maple Grove, MN

(612) 588-0188

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