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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Large  |  Female

Griffin, GA



Adoption Status: AVAILABLE 10/27/16

Gender: female
Weight: will be Large at maturity, we assume 50-60 lbs
Breed Guesstimate: Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix

Some lab is in there too!
Age: DOB 9-8-16
Adoption Fee: $275
Interaction with dogs: Acceptable - this pup and it's littermates are still puppies and they love everyone they meet!
Interaction with cats: Likely acceptable. The puppies have been tested with cats in their foster homes and do not chase or show much interest in them so they can likely be raised with cats and taught to respect their space.
Interaction with children: Acceptable. These puppies love everyone they meet!
Activity Level: High - typical for puppies. Daily walks and play sessions will be needed.
Leash manners: Not yet learned due to young age.
Housetraining: In progress. Learning and doing well but cannot yet be considered fully-housetrained due to young age.
Health status: Vaccinated, dewormed, and neutered.
Major Personality Traits: Typical puppy traits - happy, playful and loving! Special Needs: None.
Amount of additional training needed: High. Due to young age, puppies require extensive training and a large time commitment. Please do not apply to adopt if you will be leaving the puppy home alone for 4 or more consecutive hours per day.

If interested in adopting please call 404-997-2831 or email

Adopt Me
Griffin, GA

(404) 997-2831

Top Reviews

1 year ago

this little lady would fit right in with our family, we are a like long schnauzer family . We are raising our 12 year old granddaughter. This adoption fee is quite a lot for us to pay, but would be interested in adoption. We have a vet that works well with us. We just lost our 14 year old schnauzer Raven. Miss her so very much.


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