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Small  |  Female

Huntsville, AL


Tamara (her original name) is a 4-5 yr old female chihuahua. After her human mom died, her dad turned her over to a local shelter. Now, while that is pitiful, I will say that she has went through lots of changes while in our care. From what I understand, it was difficult for him to leave her.
I started fostering her back in April 2016, a day or so after she was left. She is your typical chihuahua, and would be great for someone that has experience with the breed. It took her several weeks to feel comfortable here and I'm sure it'll be the same when she's adopted.
She's completely an indoor girl. She currently sleeps with us, and not crated. She uses puppy pads. Since acquiring her, she has adapted to wearing a collar and is fine walking on a leash. She does fine having run of the house while we are at work.

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Huntsville, AL

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