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Columbia, TN


Tanner is a fine southern Mississippi gentleman. As you can see he is all smiles and a happy go lucky boy! He is ready for his Tennessee adventure and just looking for a partner in crime!
Here is what his foster has to say:

Tanner is an 11 yr. sweetheart ! Poor baby was pretty scared when he came here, mostly seemed confused and scared of motions toward him as if he'd been abused in the past. It took him a good month to start coming out of his shell. He's now a happy boy ! I'm sure he will backtrack once he's transported and in a new place but hopefully with time, he will do well.. Not sure of the why but when you go to pick him up he yelps. Esp. if your hands are close or under his front leg area. Once he gets attached to you he will follow you everywhere and be your best buddy.

He is an alpha . We have another alpha here so we have to watch them closely as Tanner may be old but he does NOT back down ! He is fed seperately because if one of the others come close he will get snappy.. At night though he eats in my sisters room (small snack) with the others with no issues, but she is right there with him on the bed and only a few smaller dogs .

He seems to love elderly ladies ! My neighbor who is around 80 came over and all he wanted to do is be in her lap. At first she kind of shoed him away (she can be persnickidy!) but when we told her he hadn't done that with anyone else she let him up.. He just loved her so thinking his past owner may have been an older woman.

He does not mess with the cats at all. He does fine in the kennel.. He may bark a bit at first when you walk away but he does fine.. He loves to sleep in the bed with you. He does great on a leash

Tanner really is such a sweet boy now that he feels safe and used to everything here. He LOVES belly rubs.. He will drop and roll for you ! He likes being outside for a bit but prefers the indoors. Probably just wanting to be close to a person.. A bit on seperation anxiety. He is not a fan of a camera ! Hard to get a good pic so you just have to start shooting randomly and hope for the best ! He is pretty much trouble free as he likes to nap alot. (other than the alpha thing)

He's a keeper-- if we didn't already have a housefull he would most likely be staying. I hate that now he's comfortable he will be having to do it all over again. I wish him nothing less than a very happy life with someone that will adore him until his time on earth ends.

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Columbia, TN

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1 year ago

I am interested in lizzy/MS. Would like to meet her. We have a little girl 12 years old whom misses her little dog whom passed. My e-mail is or call 615/893/5308 cell 615/498 /6645 I look forward to hearing from you. Lynda Mead


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