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~~Yo, Tate here. I'm 4 lbs of total Bad Boy Chihuahua! I used to live on my own, in the hood in the big city of Dallas, until my foster mom saw me on streets. Being the bleeding heart she is, and not knowing how tough I am, she decided I needed to be trapped, for my own good. Now I have to admit, the sleeping arrangements and the food are way better now. I feel better too since Chewy's Hope had me treated for heartworms. Those things were bad news! Even as bad as I am, those things were kicking my butt! Foster mom says that someday I will have a forever home but let's get this straight, I do things my way! I'm gonna need a human that's understanding of the fact that I'm about 5 years old and set in my ways. I've been on my own a lot of that time. I don't care for those little humans either. They're annoying. If you make me mad, ummmm, move your fingers, dude! I do like to sleep in a lap though. That's pretty cool but don't pet me while I'm asleep because I wake up all Cujo. Remember dude, I've been on the street watching my back for a long time. You try weighing 4 lbs and living in the hood! So, if you think you can be my Felix and me your Oscar, I'm the Chi for you!
Later dude,

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Decatur, Tx

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