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Houston, TX


Oh this sweet baby girl and the life she has had! Taya was found at white oak bayou and Studewood on Memorial Day. This baby belonged to someone at one point, she has a spay scar, but it has been a long time since she has known kind words or a gentle hand. This baby was literally running for her life but fortunately got cornered with the help of a fence on a vacant lot. She just cowered, but let us pet her, leash her, and eventually walk her to the car and load her. Sweet girl went straight to our emergency hospital. She was completely naked from the shoulder blades down, open and oozing and pretty stinky, but she is now well under way with recovering from mange. She is no longer contagious and is so incredibly sweet. Being loved is just the greatest thing in her world. If you could love out sweet Taya, temporarily (foster) or permanently (adopt) just let us know. This girl is so happy in boarding, we cannot wait to see her in a home. Contact us at
SHR covers all expenses associated with fostering!

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Houston, TX

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