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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler


Paso Robles, CA


2 yr., neutered, Cattle Dog /Catahoula

Say 'hi' to Ted... quietly, he's nervous!
Ted came here with his sister/mother, who knows, Tessa from the small Orange Cove Shelter. Sometimes you wish you knew a dog's story. How could they be SO messed up?! Ted is one of those dogs. He's fearful and under socialized. Been working with him, and experience has proven that they are all reachable. The kind of progress I'm grateful for, he sniffs other dogs, comes in to sleep on a dog bed of his own volition, housebroken, not terrified of me anymore, eats grass on walks... walks on a leash. I can touch him... I'm tellin' ya, it's the little things that are enormous with some of these guys!
Ted needs a special adopter, one who might understand what Ted is going through. He could just be left alone to exist, but I would love to see him with someone that would touch him every day, take him on walks, expose him to things. This is when I've seen the most improvements. Exposure to everything! Immersion.
Was a huge deal to even force him to sleep in a dog bed next to me! Once he did for a few days, he expected it! Routine is key! Dogs are incredible, you can reach them through routine.
Still working and he has all the time he needs... Interested in talking about Ted?
Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue, is a Rescue Alliance partner, a federally recognized 501(c)3 non profit organization, dedicated to finding great dogs, great homes. County of San Luis Obispo Animal Service Operating Permit #C2649 Thank you for reading about Ted, and thanks for considering rescue!
Thank you for reading about Ted, and for considering rescue!

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Paso Robles, CA

(805) 238-1446

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