Tequila and Karma

Pit Bull Terrier


Richmond, VA


Location: Buckhannon, WV

Hello I am a volunteer at a shelter in rural WV. I am contacting you on behalf of Karma and Tequila. I am literally begging. They have spent half their lives growing up in the shelter. They have been held in quarentine at the shelter in Buckhannon, WV since January. They were held due to a court case ( to no fault of their own, it was in regards to their owner not them). They were finally released by the judge, but per court order can only be to rescue. No local adoptions. But volunteers have been able to get them out and test them now! They love people and attention and are so happy to be allowed out to play now, for the first time in months ! No agression seen at all. They have passed their dog test, but are very hyper ( as I would be having been locked up for so long). They are literally growing up in the shelter. They have over $200 in pledges each and transport help is always available. See the linked album for more pics and videos, alon g with all the information needed to help. Please share, tag, pledge, Rescue!

Contact Jan L. Cochran at 304-472-3865 or desireep09@yahoo.com
Lewis-Upshur Animal Control Facility
318 Mud Lick Rd
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Adopt Me
Richmond, VA

(804) 622-4200

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