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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Medium  |  Female

Houston, TX


Meet Tessa!
This girl has the most gentle disposition. She was easy to leash up, she can obviously follow shapes, although there were a couple times where she bumped into objects.
Once out in the run, she immediately came ambling up to me, stood up in my lap, and just wanted to hug me.
Tessa was someone’s baby.
She is in awesome shape except for her eyes. Just a little chunky monkey with the most velvety coat you’ve ever felt. She’s heartworm negative .
Tessa has as much Labrador Retriever in her as I have Olympic athlete in me. She appears to be a Chow/Cattle dog mix of some sort. A very manageable 30 pounds. Tessa is GREAT with other dogs!
Tessa has an amazing sense of hearing. She followed the volunteers everywhere in the run and did her business like a big girl in the yard.
When it was time to come in, the volunteer working with her wanted her to have an extra big blanket, so he dropped the leash on the ground in the back hallway of the evaluation building, knowing she would follow him to the laundry area, sure enough she did.
She picked out a big soft blanket, then the volunteer working with her started walking to the other end of the hall to her ward, gave a quick call, and here came Tessa just prancing right after him.
She walked right back into her kennel and immediately settled down.
Help us get this senior girl into a home!

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Houston, TX

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