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The Ditmas Park 3!


Medium  |  Female

Brooklyn, NY


Meet the Ditmas Park 3! These sweethearts were found in the backyard of an apartment building on the mean streets of Brooklyn, and were scooped up by one of our rescuers when suddenly their mother disappeared from the scene - and they were only 5 weeks old. Now these kittens are healthy, fully vetted, spayed and neutered and ready to purr their way into your heart. These three sisters are all easygoing, loving, and playful. Meet the crew!
Tess, the tabby, is a sweet cuddle bug with the most expressive eyes. She is very curious and intelligent, and melts in your arms when you hold her like a baby, as she purrs away. Tess apparently missed her calling as a baker as she has taken up kneading "biscuits" on her sister Ariel.
Ariel, a pure black beauty, has eyes as big as saucers. The perfect kitten, she loves to be picked up and cuddled. Adorable, energetic, playful and loving, Ariel seeks cuddle time and waits to be petted. She is brave and can be vocal at times - But this kitty is also the pushover of the crew. She loves her sisters and they suckle on her ears and pile on top of her for nap time.
Jessie is a beautiful white calico who is a mellow, gentle soul, She is friendly, sweet, and super playful, with striking features, with those big bat ears... "Better to hear you, my dear!" Jessie is a silly girl who will bring a very special spirit to her forever home.
All three kittens received an A+ from the vet, are vaccinated, negative for FIV/FELV, and spayed.
To schedule a play date with Tess, Ariel or Jessie, please contact Donna at
Thank you for thinking of a rescue cat in need of a loving home!
All Brooklyn Animal Action cats are available to adopt or foster to adopt.

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