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Adoption pending - Thomas


11 years, 5 months
Small  |  Male

South Weymouth, SC



My name is Thomas. My foster mom named me that because I remind her of a tank engine. I just keep going and going. I love to go for walks. I know just when the walking times are and I'm sitting at the door ready to go. All my foster sisters and brothers (and there are a lot) are bigger than me but I keep right up with them. One of them is so big mom calls him a horse but I dont't think he is really a horse. That would be silly.

I also love to eat. I have been on a diet, kind of, since living here. It's called the "no little ones to feed me all day" diet but I don't mind. It's healthier for me and all the walking I'm doing will help me lose a couple of pounds.

I have met so many nice people since I have come to live here and I love them all. Even the kids, but I would prefer to have older children in my house. I'm not a toy and little ones sometimes get carried away because of my size.

Now I'm going to tell you my favorite thing in the world. Are you listening? Because this is the most important thing ever! I love to sleep with my people. Did you hear me? I love to sleep with my people. I snuggle right in under the covers ad never move again until the morning. That is the best ever!! Well, that, and all the kisses my mom gives me and it's so many kisses.

Thank you for listening. I hope you would like to meet me and give me my forever and ever home.

For additional information please contact my foster mom Blair (
Adoption Fee: $150.00 + $45.00 for a health certificate if going over state lines (required by law). Dogs adopted in New England are subject to additional rules and regulations by the state departments of agriculture. Complying with these regulations is expensive for our rescue, and all dogs adopted in New England states are subject to an additional $135 fee to help cover a portion of these expenses.
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Adopt Me
South Weymouth, SC

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