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THOR - 3yr - shy

Black Labrador Retriever

Medium  |  Male

Whitby, ON


Please fill out an application form. DON'T fill out the email or other choices here. has the application link on the front page. If we do not receive an application your email will be deleted. Our time is spent caring for these dogs, sometimes as many as 30 - 40 dogs at a time, and you show us serious intent to adopt when you take the time to fill out the application. Thank you for your understanding.
If there is a date next to the dog's name that is the expected arrival date. EVERYTHING we know about these dogs is on their bio. Please don't email asking for more info - we don't have any.
Please bookmark the site so YOU can check on the dog's status, updates if any etc. That's where we put everything we know about them.
We do not adopt to homes with no fenced area for the dog. They are a flight risk in the early weeks and we have the same goal - a safe, happy, healthy dog.

Sept 13/16 Thor is READY for a home!! He has been in foster for about a month now and has been exposed to everything scary in the world - ppl cars, noises, city life. He has his moments still but is progressing so well we are ready to let someone else take over. He needs to be kept on a lead in the house for a bit, a fenced yard and a watchful eye on door - we are going to say no little kids just because of doors. When he is scared he is FLIGHT (zero aggression) and is strong enuf to knock an adult on their butts if they aren't expecting it so a little kid could get hurt. Other than that he loves kids of all ages. BTW take a look at that coat in pic #3 - that is a raw diet coat
This is what his foster mom has to say:
Thor has been with us now for a month. He is still skittish about things, but he is so much better than when he first came to our house. He now wags his tail when we talk to him, and when it's time for his walk, he sits by the door and waits until his leash is on. When he comes in from his walk he will sit until his leash is off. While walking, if Thor is going too far ahead of me, he will stop and turn to look at me to make sure I am coming and then he continues on. Thor loves going for walks, and loves to run. My daughter takes him for a run and he runs with his tail up and wags it while he is running. He also jumps around when he is running because he loves it. He loves to smell everything while walking and he even tries to go after squirrels and birds now.
Thor has no issues with other dogs and seems to love other dogs. People on the other hand, he is still weary of, but is getting better. He doesn't like when people come towards him, but doesn't show aggression or anything.
He is getting better with everything. He used to hide when I moved anything in the house, but I have been shaking things and banging things around him, and now he just watches me and doesn't try to hide.
Thor is also getting more playful. He doesn't really play with us, but he rolls around on the couch and tries to get my dogs to play, but my dogs don't really play.
I was vacuuming the other day, and Thor was on the couch. I was vacuuming the couch and he didn't move. I cleaned all around him and he didn't do anything. So I put the vacuum on him and he just stayed there but then he got scared and ran to the other side of the room. I am just putting this to show that he is improving with his fear of things. My dogs, like most dogs, don't like the vacuum either, but I couldn't believe that Thor let me vacuum him, even if it was only for a minute.
Thor is such a gentle dog and so cute. He has the cutest facial expressions and sometimes the way he looks at me makes me laugh.
I think Thor would love a big yard to play in or someone who loves to run and take him with them. Thor will need someone who will take the time to let him get used to things and be patient with him. He is a good dog and very smart. He will listen when you tell him to sit and I am trying to teach him to give me his paw.
My daughter wants to keep Thor, but we already have three dogs, so she will just have to help find him a home.
Aug 22/16 We got Thor a foster home finally to touch touch touch him and expose him to life, He is such a sweet, totally non aggressive dog but was terrified of everything except dogs. This is what the foster mom says after a week:
Thor has been with us for a week now and he has settled down really well. The first night we brought him into the house, he bolted in the door, but now he walks in and out nicely. When we first walked him, he was afraid of almost everything. He would walk around watching everything but now he walks nice and smells everything. He doesn't bother with cars going by, but sometimes he is shy when people walk towards him. He still gets scared of certain things, but he is doing much better and with time he won't be bothered by anything.
Thor didn't eat at first because he was afraid when we put his dish down, but he is eating now and isn't afraid of the bowl.
He was pretty shy about being touched also, but now we can touch him anywhere and he doesn't pull away like before. My daughter's friends come over and sit with Thor and pet him so he gets used to different people touching him.
When we take Thor out, he waits by the door until we put his leash on and he is now wagging his tail. He gets along with my dogs and so far is quiet. He is house trained ( no problems at all with that ).
When I first turned the tv on, Thor was afraid of it but now he watches the tv sometimes. We have been making noises and moving stuff to get him used to different sounds. He still needs time with that but is doing pretty well.
We don't know if he likes to play ball or anything yet but I'm sure with a little more time we will find out.
Thor loves to lay on my daughter's bed while she is playing games or watching tv. Thor also loves being on the couch and that is where he sleeps at night.
Thor needs a home where the people will be patient with him, and show him that he doesn't need to be afraid of things. He is a great dog and someone will be lucky to have him as their dog.
Aug 15/16 Thor arrived terrified of everything (see below) and we touched touched touched him and he tolerated it - no aggression from this dog. We finally had a foster free up and off he went. He is doing well being exposed to scarborough and being touched touched touched lol.
I sort of hate that 1st picture of him as its not the way he looks when ppl are around BUT i use ot to remind myself of what he will look like!!
July 2/16 Thor has been here 2 weeks now and is a great dog at 1yr & 60lbs. He is frightened, not having been socialized. He spent some time in a kill shelter before we got him and that is a scarey place but he young and will do great with a family or ppl willing to expose him to life. He is a lab and labs can't help themselves. They love life
He willbe high energy and a lot of fun. No issue for cats and will love kids
Sympathy for this dog is not what I am looking for in an adopter.
This is not about a dog that needs to trust in people again, this dog was in an environment that was not exposed to people and needs to learn what it is like to be around people and to be treated like a dog.
A scared dog will become more stressed if they sense that you are feeling sorry for him/her and treating them like they are weak.
This dog needs a leader and someone who will challenge him/her with experiences, sights and sounds rather than coddling him/her because they are scared. I need to know what your skills are and how you can demonstrate that you are the right leader for this dog.
If you have asked about taking this dog off of leash, relating to other pets or children then this dog is not for you. This dog has not had a normal life and is just learning to become normal so ‘normal’ questions do not apply.

ALL our dogs are HW tested neg (HW TREATED dogs are marked as such), have full vetting paperwork and obviously get along with other dogs since there are about 40 of them here on any given day.
We do a microchip clinic the first Sunday of each month for $40 to raise money to pay the bills for the rescues but will chip on day of adoption.
The Adoption Donation you give includes spay/neuter (except puppies under 6 mos), all shots, Heartworm test, deworming/parasite by us at least once and is $500.
NOTE: Puppies too young to fix are adopted out ON A 'FOSTER TO ADOPT' BASIS ONLY UNTIL S/N COMPLETED and proof is required to have the contract changed to ownership. You are responsible for spaying or neutering at the 6 mo point.
Please, if you want to adopt a dog - we require you take up to 24 hrs 'think about it' time and when an aggreement is reached you take the dog home as within 24 hrs. We can not 'hold' adopted dogs "til the weekend" or you "are back from holidays" UNLESS you wish to make a $40/night donation to cover their stay as there are many, many other dogs dying in shelters who need that space.
For coonhounds and beagles only :
If the dog you just looked at is a Coonhound or Beagle here's a little more info - A lot of people think Coonhounds and Beagles are stupid but they're not! They are just joyous dingbats for sure but very trainable. They are funny, happy clowns. They also do NOT spend all their time howling or baying. They are extremley quiet dogs but when they let one rip everyone knows it ;-)) and the sound is beautiful! So much nicer than a high pitched yap any day.
If you need proof watch this

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Whitby, ON

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Rude owner of the company. She is vile and is completely unprofessional in her communication. If it wasn't for the animals, I would say to never give her money.


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