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Medium  |  Female

Los Angeles, CA


DOB: 7/2006
Toaster is a gorgous calico/ttortie. She'll do best in a stimulating environment... a window(s) to birds and squirels running by. And human interaction.
She is 10 years old, she LOVES PEOPLE AND KIDS AND DOGS, but other cats, not so much. She loves to be brushed, she adores sitting on laps and likes kids. She is not happy in her present situation because there are too many cats. She wants all the attention.
She is very verbal, loves to have good conversations, she acts like a dog - she will run to the door to greet company. She always comes running to check on you when you sneeze. She loves to play and is a lot like a kitten. She will even come to you when you call her!
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