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Chinese Shar-Pei

Medium  |  Male

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From used to abused, Toby is looking forward to a life where he can stop and smell the roses. When LOVAR rescued Toby he was skeletal and scarred with open wounds and before he could even have a chance to feel safe from whatever abuse he had endured, his life was in danger of being destroyed at the county shelter. After 6 months of building Toby back up and getting to really know him, he is more than ready now to find that special someone to show him a different and better world. Toby holds no grudges, in fact he loves people. He really wants to please and there is nothing more he loves than hanging out with his favorite person. Toby responds so well to love and positive reinforcement, he would be that dog that you can connect with in a deeper level. That dog that is more than a companion animal, he is waiting to be someones best friend. He has a gorgeous coat and has the velvety soft head associated with Shar Peis. While Toby loves people, he is much more selective of who his canine friends are. He is very much able to co-habitat with other dogs, but just like we want to choose who our friends are, he is the same. He currently resides and plays daily with a submissive male pit mix and several medium sized females and enjoys play time. He is good in a crate but Toby deserves to be part of a family and he does not chew he is just happy to lay at your feet or next to you on a couch. He is good about not barking or having separation anxiety, but if he senses danger he will alert you. Other than that he is a quite boy, happy and waiting for his BFF to come along.

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