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Tommy 3


3 years
Medium  |  Male

Austin, TX


Please contact Rae ( for more information about this pet.

My name is Tommy. I was named after the pinball wizard character in the rock opera "Tommy" by the Who. Tommy is the "deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays a mean pinball" in the song "Pinball Wizard" also by the Who.
I'm blind but I am a normal loving kitty who does all the stuff a normal kitty does. I can play with toys and I can interact with other kitties and dogs! I love to be groomed and I am calm and a very good companion. I can be a bit nippy at times (you need to let me know you're going to touch me) and for that reason I probably wouldn't be a good choice for little kids.
In addition to being blind, I have had all my teeth except my k9s removed. I can and do still eat hard food AND wet food and I have no other health issues. I'm probably between 2 and 3 years old and I'm really beautiful.
UPDATE: Tommy had to be with a temporary foster for about 60 days but he's now with me and not a happy camper. Change is hard on cats, but especially on a blind one. Tommy has been a bit agressive since arriving which tells me he's scared and disoriented because he was not like that before and he was quite good with his temporary foster. His temp foster home had another kitty and a small dog and although there were no big fights they were not too thrilled to have Tommy there. Even 'tho right now Tommy doesn't want human interaction he's in a room with four 9 week old kittens and gets along with them just fine.
UPDATE 8-28-16 - Well no wonder! Tommy had an ear infection when I first got him and we got it all cleared up but I noticed that he was "bugging" his ear again and took him into the vet and this time she saw what the problem was. Tommy had a polyp in his ear that was not letting the air in and was causing the infections. He's going in for surgery to have that removed and be neutered on the 9th and I can tell you he'll be a new boy! Just since getting on the antibiotics for his ear he's mellowed a great deal and is allowing me to pet him sometimes. Pain will do that to you - make you very cranky! Once he's gotten his surgery he'll be much better and I'm sure his sweet personality will be back!
UPDATE: 9-28-16 - Tommy has had his surgery and is all healed and much happier. He's still a bit unsure and can be defensive about being touched but just the last two days he's raised up on my legs to ask to come out of his room and once I picked him up and was scratching his head and face while I carried him to the next room. He WILL come back I'm sure.
Won't you please consider adopting me and giving me a forever home? I will love you forever and I'm very young and smart. I am am a beautiful boy with perfect litter box habits and I will be neutered very soon as well.
Contact my foster Mom for more details and ask about the foster-to-adopt program.

Adopt Me
Austin, TX

(512) 354-7875

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