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Medium  |  Male

Huntsville, AL


Meet Topper! This guy is so handsome & loving! If you're looking for the picture perfect Beagle, this is your guy! ..which is why I cannot seem to fathom the fact that Topper somehow ended up at a local shelter. He is extremely loving, playful, cuddly & sweet as pie! Topper is fostered in a home with three foster brother dogs & one foster sister dog.. & he loves to play & snuggle with them all! He also loves his human companions.. Including a 2 year old boy & an 8 year old boy. Whenever you're sitting on the couch or lounging around, you will never be alone with this guy around.. He is a complete love-bug & lap dog.. He loves to be cuddled & snuggled! Although, if you're busy, he still loves a good dog bed. This guy would be a great snuggle buddy in bed at night, too.. If you're into that kinda thing. ..if not, he is also content to snuggle up with some blankets & sleep in his crate at night without making a peep. He is housebroken & knows how to use a doggy door.. Although, beware, if you leave a spare sock or a something of the like laying around on the floor, he will playfully drag it outside.. We've been working on this, and I feel like it can be easily corrected in the right home with proper training. Topper is also extremely food motivated, which should make training a breeze. He will sit for a treat & willingly crate himself when offered a treat. He does well when left alone in a crate for a typical work day, but when his people get home, he is ready to eat & play, play, play.. Then crash & snuggle! Topper has brought so much joy to his foster family in the time he has been there.. I am confident he can bring twice as much joy to yours! Do you have a place in your heart & your home for this sweet, cuddly, playful guy?! He is waiting to meet you! For any additional information on Topper and this process, email

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Huntsville, AL

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