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8 years, 3 months
X-Large  |  Female

Hillsboro, NH



Meet Me on May 21 at our Open House in Swanzey NH!
I met Treasure today. This girl is spirited, playful, loving and affectionate. She is also well trained. Treasure was surrendered by her owner to the NYC shelter, no reason given. This 7 year old girl is a great size - 65-70 lb and adorable. She is available in NH in October, when a foster home is found. Adoption fee is $200.
The shelter information: " Treasure is a 7 yrs. old female rottweiler who was surrendered today. She is described as being affectionate and good company. Treasure has been socialized with cats and children. She is described as being relaxed affectionate respectful and tolerant around children and cats. She interacts with them in a gentle respectful and well behaved manner. She is house trained and will spend time both indoors and outdoors as well. She is well behaved whether she is left in or outside. She is described as being playful pushy conident excitable affectionate mellow independent and friendly. She can be fearful if she hears loud noises and she is unsure where the noise is coming from. She is described as having a medium activity level and she knows the commands sit down come stay stop and eat. Treasure is not bothered by fireworks or thunder storms. She becomes alert when a stranger approaches her house or a family member but is not bothered in any way.
Treasure likes to go for slow paced walks on and off of her leash. When she is off of her leash she will wander but return when called. She likes to play with balls stuffed and squeaky toys and will play fetch chase tug of war and will wrestle with her owner as well. She eats wet food with rice twice a day and likes to snack on apples. When she is in the house with her owner Treasure will follow them around and stay in the same room with them. She likes to stay in the bathroom and will sleep on the bed at night. During the Intake process she was well behaved. "
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