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Shelly Belly 800

Border Collie

7 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Female

Blakeslee, PA



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8/8/16 - Today is my 800th day in foster and it's also my foster mom's birthday. 800 days on the 8th day of the 8th month. Is there some significance to all these 8's? Anyway, we went to the vet to get my microchip scanned so I could get a lifetime license. I did pretty good this trip! I only barked a little bit. I let the vet feed me treats and I even let him pet me. I did some obedience commands for my foster mom while strangers were in the room. I even did the belly command and let the vet rub my belly. These are big steps for me. My foster mom said she's very happy with how I behaved today. She said I was a very good girl at the doctor's. I had my buddy, Simba, with me so maybe that helped me deal with all those strangers. Simba loves strangers.
If you're the kind of soul who would like to give a home to a dog who isn't perfect and probably never will be, please read Shelly's bio and submit an application. She needs a calm and responsible adopter who understands some dogs with an unknown past are just never going to be "normal" well-socialized creatures. Someone who is willing to take that on and be her comfort zone without feeding into her fears or pushing her too far too fast. Someone who is really into dog training and developing that kind of bond with their dog. Are you that kind of someone? If so, she's been waiting for you for over 2 years.
Shelly Belly is medium energy, solidly housebroken, not destructive, and does not need to be crated. She is fostered with other dogs but does best in play one-on-one with a dog slightly smaller than her. Actually, we believe she would be perfectly content to be the only dog. She needs an adults-only home and a fenced yard at least 4 feet high.
Shelly is nervous/shy and needs a quiet life with a human who won't push her beyond her limits.
She's a talker. She communicates verbally. If you're afraid of barking, Shelly is not the dog for you. Due to her vocal nature, she is not suitable for condos/townhomes/apartments. She is more suited to country living.
Shelly cannot live with cats, birds, or small/furry critters. We won't place her in a home with children because of her vocal nature...we believe this might be scary for kids so we won't expose them to that. Plus she probably couldn't handle the comings and goings of their friends.
Shelly's age is estimated to be 6-9 years old...we're beginning to notice some graying/whitening on her face so she's definitely not a youngster, but we don't think she's a senior either...she's too zippy in the yard to be an old dog. Since her past is a mystery, we're just going to have to go with somewhere middle-aged range as a guess.
She weighs 42 lb and is the softest dog we've ever touched. She craves physical contact with you and will verbally ask you for this. She is beyond delighted to see you when you come home after being out for 8 hours or 5 minutes.
She's a mutt with a sort of collie-looking layout to the colors on her coat (the white stripe around her neck/shoulders). There's probably some sort of herding breed (smooth coated collie per haps?) in her mix along with maybe some sort of hound. We named her Shelly because she reminds us of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. The "Belly" got added onto her name because our trainer told us it was harder for dogs to bark when laying down. Well Shelly can easily bark when in the down position, but if we roll her over on her back and get her to expose her belly, she goes quiet. So she has learned the "belly" command to get her to do this when we want to stop her from barking.
Because of her shy and nervous nature, there will be a multi-visit process to help transition her to your home.

We are not a shelter. Our dogs are fostered in a home environment. All meetings are by appointment. If you are interested in meeting or possibly adopting this dog, please submit an application to begin the process. We respond to inquiries via email. Please watch your email for a response, usually within 12 hours.

Adoption fee: $275 + tax = $291.50

PLEASE NOTE: If it says COURTESY LISTING above, then please do not submit our application. Follow the directions to the other rescue's website and apply there.

Adoption Application

Recommended dog trainer in the Lehigh Valley area: Jill Wright with K-9's In Training, website: We've used Jill's services for our own dogs and foster dogs as needed. We LOVE her training methods...and so do the dogs! Please tell Jill you saw her info on the Happy Dog Rescue site.

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Blakeslee, PA

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