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Shih Tzu

Small  |  Male

Rockville, MD


Meet Tucker!!

MMR is welcoming back this little fluff ball into our care as he is not a fit for his adoptive family. This family has been wonderful with Tucker, and love him very much, but he can be unpredictable in his behavior, and the home is simply not appropriate for Tucker. According to his family "Tucker is the sweetest dog and gives lots of love to everyone, but he can be temperamental and needs to be with some that can read him"

Tucker loves to go for walks and hops around excitedly when he see's his leash come out!! He is a great walker. Unfortunately, he gets very excited when he sees a squirrel and is not friendly to other dogs. His current family tries to avoid other dogs when out on a walk. For this reason, Tucker will only be placed in a home with no other pets or friend's pets and family pets that visit the home. Tucker will act fractiously when another pet is anywhere around him. MMR is also requiring a fenced yard in the home. Tucker may need time to trust his new family and leash walks should not be attempted until they know Tucker for several weeks. While Tucker is currently living with two elementary age children, but has acted inappropriate with one of them on one occasion. For this reason, Tucker also needs a home where there are no children in home or visit the home frequently. If visitors, especially children, visit the home, Tucker must be gate in another room away from the visitors. Tucker will not be adopted to anyone living in an apartment, condo, or town home community.

Tucker is fine being left alone in the home. Currently, when his family leaves the home, his spot is on the bench by the door, where he waits patiently for his family to return and is very happy and excited when they come home. Ticker is a very quiet dog and only barks if he needs something.

This little guy is also a fan of evening sessions of chasing his ball and having his Dora doll tossed around for him. This seems to be his evening ritual, and starts about 8 pm, before he turns in for the night. He is also one who loves to ride in the car and joyfully jumps in the drivers side, but happily jumps to another seat when told to move over for his human to take the wheel. He also loves his little doggie chews and cheese. He is a bit of a sporadic eater, and likes to have a little something extra on top of his dog food...did we mention he likes cheese?

Tucker has some real trust issues , and some triggers that cause him to act out. (fear biting). His family has not been able to figure out a pattern to his behavior or exactly what his triggers are, and are hopeful that someone will be able to work with him. Tucker is a very smart dog, according to his family, and is easily trained. He has bit members of his family and one guest in seeming random and unprovoked circumstances. His new family must understand that this is a possibility with Tucker, and understand that he may need extensive training....we are just not sure.

Anyone wishing to meet and adopt Tucker must meet the following minimum requirements to even be considered for him. MMR cannot consider anyone who does not meet these requirements:
-must have a fenced in yard in a single family home
-no other pets in the home or who visit the home
-no children in the home or who visit the home(frequently)
-experience with Shih Tzu or similar breeds (Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Japanese Chin, etc)
-experience with training or working with trainers to help a dog overcome behavioral or emotional issues(or the willingness to hire a trainer, if needed)

Tucker is trying hard to be a wonderful family pet, but needs a little work He needs a confident and compassionate leader who can help him overcome whatever it is that is causing his undesirable behaviors, while allowing the sweet wonderful dog he truly is to shine.

If you would like to welcome Tucker into your heart and home, please apply today!!!
My adoption fee is $300, which covers the cost of routine vetting, rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter surgery, heartworm testing, my microchip, monthly heartworm prevention, monthly flea/tick prevention, and any transport costs if applicable.

If you can't adopt me, consider sponsoring my care and being a rescue angel. Click on the DONATE button below and chip in what you can. Your donation is tax deductible and helps us save more lives!

To fill out an adoption application, go to:
You can save animals like this one by becoming a foster home for a dog in need! Fosters are like way stations between high kill shelters and forever homes. We need fosters so that we can save dogs before they are euthanized at the shelters. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please check out our information about fostering on our website:
MMR covers the vet care, food, and tools to get started. You supply the love. Fostering saves lives. Sometimes a foster home is the only thing standing between life and death.

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Rockville, MD

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