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2 months

Chinook, WA


1 Year Old
American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Fostered in Battle Ground, WA
Hey everyone! They call me Turk and I'm almost a year old. I came from the first ever WHBR Freedom Ride and I'm so excited to be here. I'm even more excited to find my forever home.
I'm not a full Boxer but I sure act like I am. I have three fur siblings and my favorite of them is also a mix. She and I hit it off right away and play every chance we get. I even got the old man Boxer of the group to do a little boxing with me! I just adore any dog that will play with me. I have not been around cats, but I think I would chase them as I chase squirrels in the yard.
I love all people too. There's a nice older lady in my foster home who gives me treats and lets me outside to play. I always listen to her and am extra careful to not jump up on her. If I start to, all she has to say is down and I get down. I love kids but sometimes can be a little too energetic for the younger ones. I also have a tail and when I get excited it wags pretty fast and can sometimes hurt.
My foster mommy is trying to give me some more training. I'll usually listen but sometimes my energy gets the better of me. She's been teaching me all sorts of commands and even has me lay down for an hour every day to teach me to relax and let my mind be calm. I know this is teaching me that she's in charge and I'm supposed to listen. I like this and I listen to her stern voice. I think I'd like to have a strong leader like her in my forever home.
Sometimes I don't like my crate and I'll try to avoid going inside, but I always do in the end. I sleep in my crate as well and I don't even cry about it! My foster family has a dog door which is confusing sometimes, but even if I don't go right outside, I let them know when I need to.
I'm looking for a forever family with a strong leader, preferably another fur friend, and handfuls of love. Are you the right fit? Complete an application today and let’s find out. Adoption Application
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Phone (360) 723-0219

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Chinook, WA

(360) 723-0219

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