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Tyson - Virginia

American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Male

National Listings, MO


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Richmond, Va 23223

Adoption Fee $50
Tyson's back right hip has a disorder that causes the head of the femur to detach from the shaft of the bone causing him to limp at times, but as far as we are aware it causes him little or no pain. He can run/walk on it after he gives it time to warm up. He also has skin issues where we bathe him with conditioner after his shampoo wash (mane and tail conditioner). Also he is not a food driven dog, meaning finding a type of food that didn't cause him allergies and he will eat has been difficult. The only food he will eat that hasn't caused a reaction is pedigree large dog food.
Tyson is a 50lb am staff/pit mix with a black and white coat. He is about 2 years old and pure muscle. He came from Norfolk, Va where a breeder had him in the back yard with two litters of puppies and one mother dog that fed them all. From the beginning he had a flat affect and did not rough house with the other dogs, run to the mother when feeding time began, or pay attention when trying to get his attention, leading one to believe he was neglected or did not get enough nourishment as a pup. He is quiet and tends to follow other dogs lead. He has never snapped or tried to bite anyone, yet he is skiddish and bolts when trying to walk him. He is housebroken but when leashing him and if left alone will pee in places he knows he is not allowed. Tyson is a relaxed dog but has high energy when let off the leash to run, and usually comes when called. He know his name when called, "go lay down", "sit", and does best when he is addressed by name before commands.

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National Listings, MO

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